Bydd Jenny McNally yn dechrau fel Rheolwr Busnes WHELF LMS ar 27 Mehefin.

Mae Jenny wedi gweithio mewn llyfrgelloedd academaidd am dros 15  mlynedd mewn rolau fel catalogio, rheoli casgliadau a rheoli e-adnoddau. Mae hefyd wedi gweithio ar brosiect gyda Mimas yn llwytho data o gyfraniadau newydd i Copac. Yn fwy diweddar, mae wedi gweithio ym maes rheoli systemau, gan chwarae rôl allweddol wrth roi Alma a Primo ar waith ym Mhrifysgol Salford.

Bydd Jenny hefyd yn parhau fel Llyfrgellydd Digidol yn Salford ac wedi’i lleoli ym Manceinion. Ei diwrnodau gwaith ar gyfer WHELF fydd dydd Iau a dydd Gwener.

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The WHELF Annual Report for the academic year 2017-18 is now available. The report highlights the collective work of WHELF along with news and developments from the WHELF institutions. The report can be downloaded in English or Welsh from the links below:



Diolch Tegid Rhys Williams am yr adroddiad hwn.


At the launch of the Learning Analytics Cymru  (LA Cymru) last year, participants recognised that learning analytics are a fruitful area for collaboration, and expressed an interest in building ‘communities of experience’. 

JISC have engaged a consultant, Kerr Gardiner, to help coordinate this. On Monday 18th March, colleagues from across WHELF took part in a webinar led by Kerr, which was organised by Dr Andrew Dalgleish, WHELF Representative for the University of South Wales.

One of the key outcomes is that members understand the need for institutions to manage the LA Cymru project strategically and will engage within their home institution to do so. They will also look to ensure that data provisioning is strategically aligned.

WHELF members agreed to make LA Cymru part of their agenda and to create sub-groups when necessary. It was noted that Libraries collect and manage data in different ways and that WHELF has a strong network across Wales which it can draw upon to support the LA Cymru project and share knowledge.

WHELF would welcome more discussion with the JISC LA project team on the role that libraries can play, in order to clarify how they can support LA activity. To achieve this, an LA Cymru briefing document and roadmap to align their library activity with would be useful.

WHELF would like to thank Kerr for setting up this informative webinar which has given us much to discuss and explore.


On Monday 18th March, WHELF colleagues will have the opportunity to take part in a webinar which was organised by Andrew Dalgliesh, our new Representative for the University of South Wales. Andrew says:

At the launch of the Learning Analytics Cymru project last year, it was recognised that learning analytics are a fruitful area for collaboration, and interest was expressed in building ‘communities of experience’.  For us it could mean an opportunity to

*Share experience of how our libraries are engaging with wider strategic objectives in this space
*Share perspectives on which library/e-resource data can usefully contribute to learning analytics
*Share expertise (especially from our LMS experts) about extracting data and making it fit for purpose
*Provide a forum for discussing how to interpret data and sharing what support interventions are appropriate and effective

JISC have engaged a consultant, Kerr Gardiner who has offered to do a webinar for WHELF to give us common understanding of the learning analytics projects and their implications for institutional change, and hear from us about how we might want to get involved.

This promises to be an interesting and informative session.

Steve yw Cadeirydd Fforwm Llyfrgelloedd Addysg Uwch Cymru (WHELF), yn Gymrawd y Gymdeithas Gyfrifiaduron Brydeinig (FBCS), ymddiriedolwr Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru ac yn aelod o Fwrdd CILIP. Mae’n aelod o amryw o bwyllgorau’r brifysgol a grwpiau fel y Grŵp Strategaeth REF a’r Pwyllgor Partneriaeth ac Ymgysylltiad Myfyrwyr. Mae’n aelod sylfaenol o Gasgliad Hanes Cyfrifiadura’r Brifysgol.

Pennaeth Llyfrgelloedd, Archifau, Diwylliant a’r Celfyddydau yw Steve , sy’n gyfrifol am gynllunio strategol, datblygu a darparu gwasanaethau Diwylliannol, Celfyddydol, Llyfrgelloedd ac Amgueddfaol ar draws gampysau’r Brifysgol. O arwain y tîm datblygu sy’n gyfrifol am Lyfrgell y Bae ar Gampws y Bae £450m y Brifysgol, i Ysgoloriaethau Agored a’r Dyniaethau Digidol, mae Steve yn gyfrifol am ystod eang o brosiectau a gwasanaethau.

Penodwyd Alison Harding fel Pennaeth Gweithredol Llyfrgelloedd ac Adnoddau Dysgu yng Ngholeg Y Drindod Dewi Sant Prifysgol Cymru ym mis Gorffennaf 2016. Cyn hynny bu’n gweithio mewn amryw o swyddi o fewn y gwasanaeth llyfrgelloedd yn PCYDDS. Gweithiodd yn flaenorol ym Mhrifysgol Metropolitanaidd Caerdydd a Phrifysgol De Cymru. Mae Alison yn credu’n gryf hefyd mewn grym cydweithredu a phartneriaethau llyfrgell, a’r cysyniad heriol o niwtraledd llyfrgell. Yn ei rôl bresennol mae Alison wedi treulio llawer o amser yn gwerthuso a datblygu ei dull arwain ei hun, gan annog a galluogi ei thîm i wneud yr un fath. Mae hi’n cynrychioli WHELF ar hyn o bryd ar Fwrdd Gweithredol SCONUL. Mae Alison hefyd yn ‘Aurora’ a mentor SCONUL, yn ogystal ag aelod sefydlu Rhwydwaith Merched PCYDDS

Cyfle gwych ar gael i aelodau WHELF – swydd Rheolwr Busnes ar gyfer System Rheoli Llyfrgell WHELF. Dyddiad cau yw 22 Mawrth. Mae manylion y swydd ar gael yma:

On Wednesday 30 January 2019 I represented WHELF at the UK Regional Consortia Managers’ Meeting, meeting colleagues from The Northern Collaboration (NC), White Rose (WR), Mercian Collaboration (MC), the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries (M25) and NoWAL. Unfortunately bad weather conditions prevented the SCURL representative making the long journey down from Scotland.

The venue was the beautiful Senate House Library near Russell Square. Before the meeting we were treated to a talk from Tansy Barton, the Research Librarian who curated the exhibition Staging Magic: the Story Behind the Illusion. The exhibition displays items from one of Senate House Library’s special collections, the Harry Price Library of Magical Literature.

Agenda items:Plan S and UK SCL:

For more information see:

  • Remains unclear how it will work in practice, and what would happen if an institution did not sign up or comply.
  • Research funders need to buy into it for it to work c.f. Research Excellence Framework?
  • May lead to move away from purchasing large online journal packages and using budgets to obtain/access e-resources?
  • Is Plan S the “GDPR of 2019”

Public Sector (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018:

     Demonstrating value for money for membership

  • Annual Report/Newsletters
  • SIGS (eg WHELF subgroups)
  • Task and Finish Groups
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • How do find out what our members want?

     Buddying Schemes

  • NC, NoWAL and Mercian use these. Avoid term “mentoring” as this implies paper based and formal. Mercian have also used Talent Management.
  • Basically way for staff to add to their CPD by visiting other libraries within their consortium and share knowledge and practices. (eg WHELF on Tour)

This took us to 3pm when I had to leave to get to Paddington station.
I appreciated the opportunity to represent WHELF and to learn how other consortia work and tackle issues such as Plan S. Thank you to Thomas Baldwin at Senate House Library for inviting WHELF and hosting the event so well.

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Gareth Owen started in post as Acting Deputy University Librarian and Assistant Director University Library Service at Cardiff University on 7 January, following 5 years as the programme manager for the WHELF Shared LMS.

He is a qualified librarian, who has worked across university and further education libraries, as well as the libraries of the House of Commons and the National Assembly for Wales.

Gareth says:

“I’m excited about working with the library service at Cardiff University – it’s a great service, with incredible staff.  I’d also like to thank colleagues across Wales for their support in my role as programme manager for the Shared LMS.  It was a privilege to be part of the LMS journey.  I’ll be sure to maintain very close links with WHELF colleagues and will look for every opportunity to build on the fantastic network that has developed across WHELF.”