Customer Services

The WHELF Customer Services Group formed in April 2017 and incorporates the ALIS (Accessible Library and Information Services) Wales group.


The aims and objectives of the Customer Services Group are:

  • Discuss and share knowledge of new developments in customer service generally, and within libraries more specifically.
  • Share knowledge and techniques used around measures already implemented at member libraries.
  • Discuss and develop methods for improving customer service, especially where there is potential for active collaborative working.
  • Keep aware of wider issues and engage with UK-wide colleagues via the Customer Service Excellent Standard Networking Group: CSE-STANDARD@JISCMAIL.AC.UK
  • Provide mutual support for libraries applying for recognition via customer service standards including CSE, as well as investigating a range of methods for achieving quality in service provision.
  • Develop a benchmarking repository and facilitate the submission of data, leading to a wide range of useful information being available to all.
  • Review shared training opportunities to support delivery of excellent Customer Services
  • Deliver on measures where we can work together to improve customer service, such as Mystery Visiting and develop case studies with examples of best practice.

The Accessibility strand aims and objectives are:

  • Advise each other on relevant issues and share good practice relating to the provision of inclusive, accessible and equal library, services, resources and information for the benefit of key stakeholders and library staff.
  • Respond to library/library related issues affected by equality & diversity legislation, policy and practice.
  • Support colleagues in raising awareness of key equality & diversity issues pertaining to library services and to offer training support and activities.

Group membership:

  • Chair: Jenny Jones (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
  • Amber Arrowsmith (Swansea University)
  • Sally Earney, Helen Staffer (Cardiff University)
  • Suzanne Hathaway (Cardiff University)
  • Dafydd Pritchard (National Library of Wales)
  • Nia Ellis, Elizabeth Kensler (Aberystwyth University)
  • Bernadette Ryan (University of South Wales)
  • Karen Bewen-Chappell  (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)
  • Helen Griffiths (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama)
  • Rosanne Hendry (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama)
  • Jenn Pearce (Cardiff Metropolitan University)

  • John Brodrick (Cardiff Metropolitan University)

  • Jeanette Harper (Wrexham University)
  • Tony Heaton, Sarah Owen (Bangor University)