The WHELF Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group recently held two events under the title Excluded Voices.

Tracey Stanley (Cardiff University and Chair of WHELF EDI Group) writes:

As chair of the WHELF EDI Committee, I’d like to thank you all for your contributions to and participation in the WHELF Excluded Voices conference on 22 April and 24 May.

The conference was very successful with lots of positive engagement during the day and also on Twitter. I feel that we were able to foster a real sense of connection and community, and also to open up a space for discussion, which I hope will lead to future collaboration. There were so many great ideas coming out of the day, and I am confident that we can work across our sectors to move ideas forward. I also felt really heartened to see attendees picking up practical ideas and talking about how they were keen to implement changes in their own organisations.

22 April 2021 (day 1) recordings

Passcode: V96^Q3CM

24 May 2021 (day 2) recordings

Passcode:   V5Fa5?y%

The ideas shared in breakout sessions via a jamboard are here

The WHELF EDI Group is delighted at the interest generated and aim to run further sessions in the future. Once again, heartfelt thanks to the team at Jisc Wales for the technical support.