Education Minister Huw Lewis has announced a major review into Wales’ tuition fee policy. Currently Welsh students pay approximately £3,500 in tuition fees and the Welsh Government funds the rest, wherever a student studies in the UK. The all-party review …

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The Western Mail quotes Professor Philip Gummett, Chief Executive of HEFCW as saying universities in Wales today cannot afford to stand still. He said the world had moved on and it was time Wales looked at the organisation of  its …

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HEFCW launched their latest Annual Report and Summary Accounts at their Public Meeting last week. The report is now available on their website. www.hefcw.ac.uk

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Every year HEFCWpublishes a report of their activities to show how successfully they have met their targets and how they have used public funding. The Annual Report also includes information about HEFCW’s accounts, and a summary of developments in areas …

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HEFCW have now published “Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Technology: refreshing the strategy” http://www.hefcw.ac.uk/documents/publications/circulars/circulars_2011/W11%2032HE%20Enhancing%20Learning%20and%20Teaching%20through%20Technology.pdf  Shortened, updated and with some revised longer-term indicators.  “In publishing the strategy for enhancing learning and teaching through technology for higher education (HE) in Wales from 2007/08 …

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In March 2011, the Minister for Education and Skills asked the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) to provide him with advice on the structure of the higher education sector in Wales. In June, the Council submitted its report, …

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The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales has announced how £377.1 million of funding for higher education in Wales will be allocated in the academic year (AY) 2011/12. All its funding will be committed according to priorities in For our …

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HEFCW is an Assembly Government Sponsored Body. They receive an annual remit letter from the Welsh Assembly Government showing work areas for the following year to be delivered through the funding they are allocated. The 2011-12 Remit Letter from the Welsh Assembly Government is …

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Download HEFCW’s three-year corporate strategy, which sets out their vision and targets for higher education in Wales by the year 2013: http://www.hefcw.ac.uk/documents/publications/corporate_documents/Corporate%20Strategy%20final%20English.pdf The Strategy will: help to deliver For our Future, the Welsh Assembly Government’s Twenty-First Century Strategy and Plan …

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29 June 2010 Universities in Wales face closure and mergers under plans announced by Education Minister Leighton Andrews. From Wales Online: In a statement to AMs yesterday, he said: “The HEFCW [Higher Education Funding Council for Wales] has determined that …

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