reseach events

The WHELF Research group have organized three regional events during May for WHELF subject librarians, research librarians and librarians working in the Wales NHS Libraries.  The purpose of the event is to look at the evolving role of the subject librarian in response to the growing demand to support research and the changes within the research environment. The programme will include 3 presentations:

  • Keynote: The evolving nature of the subject librarian
  • An introduction to the open access agenda in the UK and how this informs library services
  • The researcher as a social butterfly (use of social media/networking platforms, altmetrics etc)

The 3 presentations will be followed by structured discussions to allow attendees to examine in more depth the themes addressed in the presentations and to consider the scope for future research support roles. The events are scheduled as follows:

4th May, Swansea University

10th May, Aberystwyth University

26th May, Cardiff University

The feedback from the structured discussions and a pre and post attendance survey for attendees will be collated and presented at the 2016 Gregynog Colloquium (

You can also follow and contribute to the discussions on the day using the Twitter hashtag #whelfresearch