WHELF Reading Lists event

WHELF will be holding a virtual Reading Lists event on 13 and 14 July and we’re looking for speakers.  If you have an idea for a talk, case study, discussion or demonstration which is on or related to the following themes, please contact Gill Morris by 5pm on 27th May with an outline of your proposal:

  • Diversifying reading lists
  • Reading list analytics
  • Acquisition/purchasing of reading list material
  • Advocacy/promotion of reading lists to academic staff and students
  • Student voice / feedback relating to reading list content/provision
  • Digitisation of reading list material

Your outline should include a title, names of presenters and up to 300 word description of your proposal.  Slots are generally thought of as being 30 minutes including time for questions, but if you would like to propose a longer slot, please mention this in your outline.