How can RFID help libraries face dual challenge?
Tuesday 8 November 2011, The Bloomsbury Hotel, London

Libraries everywhere are facing the dual challenge of delivering improved services with diminishing budgets. The contribution technology can make to squaring this circle has possibly never been more important, and RFID is at the heart of it. The conference on 8th November 2011 in London will explore changes in world of RFID and how the latest decision by providers to adopt a single common standard changes will enable new buyers the freedom to pick and choose the RFID devices they prefer.

This year’s conference will bring:
* 17 expert speakers from across the RFID Community (including Mark Hughes from Swansea University)
* RFID technology demonstrations from leading suppliers
* RFID Alliance Panel- your chance to ask the experts questions
* The BIC/CILIP RFID in Libraries Innovation Award 2011
* Open forum discussion sessions

Make sure you take advantage of our registration offers by visiting the conference website  and book your place today. Places are strictly limited are will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.