WHELF Board News

Emma Adamson, Director of Learning Services at the University of South Wales (UWS), writes:

“Andrew Dalgleish and I have discussed and agreed that we would like to request that I re-join WHELF as our senior representative for 2022, with Andrew remaining involved in the group from a LMS and wider activities perspective.

Andrew has been a valued and professional representative from our perspective, working collegiately to support our endeavours at WHELF, and I am grateful and appreciative of his time and energies with the group.

With our new strategy launch and move to considering the complexities of issues and opportunities for the post-pandemic Academic Library and wider EDI work, I am pleased to re-join WHELF for 2022 onwards.”

WHELF would also like to thank Andrew for his contribution to our meetings and activities over the last few years and welcomes Emma back to the WHELF Board.