Wales unveils future of fees

Education Minister Leighton Andrews has this week outlined Wales’ response to the decision by the UK Government to increase tuition fees in higher education institutions in England.
In Wales basic tuition fees will rise to £6000 per annum. HE institutions will be able to charge fees up to £9000, providing they can demonstrate a commitment to widening access and other strategic objectives.
To support Welsh students the Welsh Assembly Government is announcing that Welsh domiciled students will not have to find either £6000 or £9000 to study. The increase in fees for Welsh domiciled students, whether they study in England or Wales or Scotland or Northern Ireland, will be paid by the Welsh Assembly Government.
Leighton Andrews said: “We have a responsibility to Welsh-domiciled students, wherever they choose to study. We also have a responsibility to ensure that Wales benefits, economically, socially and culturally, from the investment that the Assembly Government makes in higher education in Wales. Higher education should be on the basis of the individual’s potential to benefit, and not on the basis of what they can afford to pay.”  
Listen to the statement in full at:

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