Using World War I archives for teaching students at Swansea University

I am grateful to The Welsh experience of World War One 1914-1918 project for this news item. Well worth a look at the blog for other interesting stories and photos:

wwone1hanner3-1024x764As soon as the documents from the Richard Burton Archives had been digitised and returned to Swansea, they were being used as part of a course for the Department of History and Classics. The Practice of History is a compulsory second year module which discusses the variety of historical sources explored by historians, how they can be used and the intellectual and practical problems that can arise from using them.

wwone2hanner3-1024x764In a fresh approach this year the module is being taught using primary sources linked to particular areas of research. One group is studying World War I, in particular the home front, the battle front, and women and the war. Last week they visited the Richard Burton Archives for an introduction to using archives and to start using the documents selected.

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