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Today’s global society faces a raft of challenges – to our people, to our economy, and to our environment. Research at Wales’ universities has led to many groundbreaking discoveries and developments that have helped transform both society and the economy; including Nobel Laureates and life sciences research, impressive work in the fields of environmental protection, and innovative advances in materials research and testing. In research terms, Wales has the potential to lead the world. Universities in Wales are part of a world-leading UK science base, which is second only to the United States of America for its share of global citations, along with being a world leader in terms of its research citations per unit of spend.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Universities Wales is showcasing a range of research case studies which demonstrate the depth and breadth of the work being carried out by our universities, the significant impact that this is having internationally and commercially, and the talented people who are involved. These include: how to improve the detection of abnormal blood clotting; how to safely dispose of high level nuclear waste; how sport can improve mutual respect and understanding; how computers can be used to reduce preventable deaths in the health service; how to improve the quality of our bathing waters; how to diversify the use of the Welsh language in the modern age; how news coverage can be improved in a devolved UK; and how to reduce costs to our health service.

The case studies….are organised both thematically and by university. Each case study provides a snapshot of the research, and a link through to the university’s website for more information”.

Please go to http://www.uniswales.ac.uk/research-wales/ for further information.


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