Universities in Wales told to ‘adapt or die’

Education Minister Leighton Andrews has told universities in Wales that there will be fewer of them by 2013.

Mr Andrews told the Institute of Welsh Affairs’ conference higher education institutions must “adapt or die”.

He warned their future funding, including being allowed to charge higher tuition fees, would depend on a willingness to “progress swiftly to merger and reconfiguration”.

He said: “There will be fewer higher education institutions in Wales by 2013 and fewer vice-chancellors. That does not mean fewer students or fewer campuses.”

A spokesperson for Higher Education Wales said the government’s policy on reconfiguration and collaboration is “well understood”.

She said: “A number of institutions have implemented, or are discussing, structural change.

“Higher Education institutions are committed to delivering public benefit for Wales – indeed that is at the core of their existence and is the basis of their charitable status.”

Read the news report at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-11911375

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