The work of WHELF during 2012-2013

The WHELF Annual Report for 2012-2013 is now available:
From Janet Peters, Acting Chair of WHELF:
This has been quite a momentous year for WHELF, with a change of both Chair and Development Officer, and the creation of our very first written constitution. The external world in higher education has not stood still either, with institutional mergers coming to fruition and changes in senior personnel in many Library services.
The following pages illustrate the enormous range of projects and professional support groups with which WHELF engages, but I think one area is worth highlighting. This year we have made progress on moving towards the procurement of a shared Library Management System across all Welsh universities (including partner NHS libraries) and the National Library of Wales. The benefits that such a service could bring to the sharing of information resources, workflows and expertise across all of our libraries would be immense; such an outcome can only be possible because of the solid foundations of collaboration which WHELF has built up over the years.”

The Annual Report includes many examples of collaborative work over the past year and photographs of new developments in Welsh academic libraries. We hope you enjoy reading it.
WHELF Annual Report 2012-2013
WHELF Annual Report 2012-2013 cymraeg

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