The Big Reveal: showcasing collections made accessible by conservation

The Big Reveal: Showcasing collections made accessible by conservation. WHELF Special Collections Group / ARCW Conference

National Library of Wales

19 May 2016

This showcase will demonstrate the significance and impact of conservation work on users and collections, including material conserved through the partnership between the National Manuscript Conservation Trust (NMCT) and the Welsh Government since 2008. These, and other conservation projects undertaken, have enabled services to open up access to fascinating collections of a unique nature and great significance.

This conference is an opportunity for us to celebrate these collections and to recognise the values they hold for a wide audience,  including academics, researchers and the general public and to reflect on the importance of well-planned conservation activity.

The items conserved reflect the social, industrial, economic and geographical history of Wales. They include a wide variety of items, including maps, architectural drawings, cinema plans, minute books and letters some of which are of iconic national importance; others are of immense significance to local communities. The conservation work has facilitated access and enabled these collections to be used for research, to be exhibited and digitised. The conference will showcase the conservation work that has been undertaken on a number of these collections. The papers will also discuss the selection of items, the planning of projects and to consider and evaluate the impact that these conservation projects have had on services, staff, volunteers and users.


Provisional Agenda

The Big Reveal

19 May 2016



10:00            Arrival, registration and refreshments

10:30           Welcome – Linda Tomos Librarian NLW

10:40           NMCT – Nell Hoare

Session 1 – Chair

11:00           MALD – 35, pursuing access, Sarah Paul

11:30   Glamorgan Archives – Curtain Up, Lydia Stirling and Rhian Diggins

12:00   Flintshire Record Office– Erddig Book, Mark Allen, Claire Harrington and Graeme Clarke

12:30           Lunch

Session 2 – Chair

13:15            Ceredigion Archives– Florie Hamer Papers, Helen Palmer

13:35   West Glamorgan Archive Service – NAI Neath Abbey Iron Works project, Kim Collis

13:55   NLW – IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) a framework for Digitised Images, Glen Robson

14:15    AC-NMW – Conservation made accessible by collections, Christian Baars

14:45            Tea

Session 3 – Chair

15:00   Richard Burton Archives – Union Matters: conserving early records of the South Wales Miners’ Federation, Elisabeth Bennett

15:30    Bangor University Archives – Penrhyn Jamaica Papers, Chris Woods and Elen Simpson

16:00            Close and reception

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