St David’s Day Declaration

Big five Welsh universities form strategic collaboration group
On 1 March 2009, Wales’ five major universities announced their intention to act together, combining their strengths and talents to drive forward the knowledge economy in Wales.

Together, Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Glamorgan and Swansea Universities represent over 70% of all students in Wales and more than 95% of the nation’s research activity. With a combined annual turnover of approaching £1 billion, with a significant contribution from international sources, the big five are a substantial economic generator for Wales.

Working together, Wales’ five big research & innovation Universities have declared:

“Wales’ development needs to be driven by real innovation. Such innovation will come from the depth and breadth of knowledge that our universities represent. We are already collaborating in fields including sustainable development, primary healthcare services, social recovery policies. We know that, collectively, our staff and our students can offer real help to business, the public sector and to individuals. Our first priority will be to help Wales work its way out of the current recession and, beyond that, to create a vibrant knowledge-led society and economy that puts Wales ahead of the game.

“Our five commitments are:

1 Creativity: We will find solutions to business and individual needs which work and can take effect quickly.

2 Consultation: We will work with business, the voluntary sector and government to determine what are the real priorities for Wales.

3 Capital Investment: We will continue our ambitious capital investment programmes, securing construction jobs and supporting Welsh business by local sourcing of suppliers wherever possible.

4 Collaboration: We will work with our international business and education partners to build our vision for Wales. Our extensive contacts, from New York to New South Wales, offer expertise in everything from Architecture to Zoology and will be made available to all in Wales for the benefit of Wales.

5 Consensus: We will be part of a One Wales solution, working with government and other partners to inform and develop economic and social policy.

“We firmly believe that by building on the intellectual capital and academic excellence of our universities, we can help Wales create an innovative and dynamic economy and a just society for the 21st century.”

The full press release can be found on all five university websites including Glamorgan and was reported by the BBC.

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