Science for Wales

Science for Wales sets out the Welsh Government vision for science, the key initiatives they will take and how they measure success.

How the strategy was developed

Science for Wales has been prepared for the Welsh Government by the Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales, Professor John Harries; his team; and members of the Science Advisory Council for Wales.

The strategy was developed after consultation with internal and external science stakeholders. It supersedes ‘A Science Policy for Wales 2006’.

It tells some hard truths but offers a constructive way ahead both for what we can do to help science thrive and what we expect our partners (e.g. in higher education and business) to address to make this strategy a reality.

Sêr Cymru (Stars Wales)

The strategy introduces a new initiative ‘Sêr Cymru’ (Stars Wales). It comprises funding (up to £50 million over five years) for new academic ‘stars’ and National Research Networks in:

  • Life sciences and health
  • Low carbon, energy and environment
  • Advanced engineering and materials

Science for Wales also proposes the development of a new national innovation strategy, and stronger coordination and leadership of science engagement activities through the National Science Academy.

Science for Wales-A strategic agenda for science and innovation in Wales

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