Research 3.0 – How are digital technologies revolutionising research?

The UK can only maintain its worldwide reputation for quality research, if researchers take advantage of the digital revolution, says JISC.

Today, JISC is launching a year-long campaign called ‘Research 3.0 – driving the knowledge economy’, to debate how digital technologies are changing not only what research we do, but how it can be carried out.

A new video , ‘How digital technologies are creating a new paradigm in research’, sets the agenda for the coming year and introduces the key issues such as how to share data, why collaborate and how to publish research work online?

To support this video, THE (Times Higher Education) publishes a ’Data Revolution’ supplement, highlighting how JISC is supporting universities and the Research Councils to advance in the  ever-changing technology landscape.

Visit the campaign website at

Read THE ‘Data Revolution’ supplement at

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