Open & online: Wales, higher education and emerging modes of learning

A new report has recently been published by the Welsh Government investigating the theme of “Open & online: Wales, higher education and emerging modes of learning”

“Recent years have seen an explosion of interest around the world in new
modes of student learning based on the emergence of digital teaching and
learning resources freely available to all on the internet. These include what
have been termed ‘open educational resources’ (OERs) and ‘massive open
online courses’ (MOOCs).
In February 2013 Leighton Andrews AM, then Minister for Education and
Skills in the Welsh Government, set up an Online Digital Learning Working
Group ‘to examine the potential for online digital learning and how the
Welsh Government can support the higher education sector in this growing
field’. [The] report offers the conclusions of the Working Group’s investigations
and makes a number of recommendations to the current Minister, Huw Lewis
AM, and to higher education institutions in Wales.” (Foreword, pg. 4).

The full report can be accessed here.

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