New Welsh Repository Network (WRN) website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Welsh Repository Network (WRN) website, available here

The WRN is a collaborative venture between the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Wales to establish, develop and populate a network of interoperable institutional repositories. The vision that underpins the network is to facilitate and encourage the sharing of resources across the principality and to maximise the impact of Welsh research across the globe.

The establishment of the network was underpinned by the JISC funded WRN Start-Up Project which provided both fiscal and practical support to each WRN partner to aid in the implementation of an effective institutional repository in every Welsh HEI. The current JISC funded WRN Enhancement Project seeks to build on the previous project’s work and is investigating the potential of a collaborative, centrally managed model for accelerating the development and uptake of repository services in Welsh HEIs.

The new WRN website brings you information about the project, news on its current activities, and links to the documents and presentations produced by the project team/ project partners.

Other features of the new site include:

Project partner repository search: Allowing you to search for content across partner repositories by entering the search term in just one place.

Chat with the WRN team: Utilising the Google Chat client to offer instant support to project partner queries.

Partners Links/ WRN button: Clickable map giving the location and providing access to each of the repositories that make up the Welsh Repository Network.

**Coming soon**

Learning Objects: Online learning objects on various repository related topics to work through remotely from your desktop.

We would like to have your feedback on our website so have a look, give things a try and Get in Touch.

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