Library Excellence award for SHEDL

Sheila Cannell, Director of Library Services of Edinburgh University, accepted on behalf of SCURL a Library Excellence award for SHEDL as a Shared Services initiative supporting Higher Education in Scotland.  The ceremony was held in the Scottish Parliament and the award was presented by Christine May, Chair of the Scottish Library and Information Council, and also MSP Peter Peacock. 

 The attached image is of the SCURL SHEDL Steering Group whose commitment and energy to SHEDL is a positive reflection to collaborative procurement. SHEDL is now entering the third phase with access to online content of more than 1877 specialist publications from the American Chemical Society, Berg, Cambridge University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Intellect, Portico, Project Muse, and Springer.

Data has proven that online usage of the content made available by SHEDL has significantly outperformed the UK average with an increase in access of 41% from 2008 to 2009*    This indicates better value for the financial investment by the participants in SHEDL for Scotland’s users of Higher Education Institutions.

* E-only scholarly journals: overcoming the barriers. RIN. 2010.

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