Introduction to RDA (Resource Description and Access) and MARC 21

Powys Training’s Llandrindod Centre
2 October 2013

This course is provided by the Welsh Government and is open to staff and volunteers working in libraries in Wales. It is suitable for those involved in the acquisition and cataloguing of materials who wish to upgrade their skills to understand the new approach to descriptive cataloguing, or systems staff implementing changes to data structures on the system.


To provide a brief introduction to RDA, to establish the identity of the new approach to matters bibliographic then examine the modifications made to MARC 21 to accommodate these changes. The focus will be on MARC 21 Bibliographic.

By the end of the course participants will:

·       be aware of the principles underpinning RDA

·       have explored the use of RDA to describe both items

·       understand the continuing development of RDA

·       be able to assess the potential impact of RDA on their information service.

·       recognise the RDA changes in downloaded MARC 21 records

·       be able to implement appropriate RDA areas in MARC 21

Training Methods

The day will consist of a series of short presentations followed by participants working with the RDA toolbox and templates provided to describe items they have brought (see below), first in RDA and then in MARC 21.


Participants will need to be able to access the RDA Toolkit, either using their institutional subscription or by signing up for the RDA Toolkit 30 day free trial offer before the training event.

Participants are requested to bring 5 items with them – a fiction book, a non fiction book, an audio item, a video item (format of audio and video is not important) and an item of their own choice (could be anything – a teddy bear, a coin, a piece of pottery, a model). These will be used as examples to explore RDA. The source of the items (personal or library stock) is up to the participant.

Trainer: Keith Trickey

Keith is a lead trainer with Sherrington Sanders and was a senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. He has been involved in information work for over thirty years and has been designing and delivering training for over twenty years.


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