Establishment of a Review of Digital Classroom Teaching Task and Finish Group

 22 September 2011

Education Minister, Leighton Andrews, has announced a task and finish group to review the use of digital classroom teaching. The scope of the review will be to consider:

a) How high quality, accessible digital classroom content could be developed;

b) How the NGfL is used, and whether there is a more effective way to deliver the aims of NGfL;

c) Whether and how a cloud-based content delivery system (e.g. iTunes university model) would work alongside a VLE for Wales;

d) How high-quality English and Welsh language content could be generated;

e) How to develop Welsh Intellectual Property which can be used to deliver digital teaching content;

f) How teachers might develop the digital teaching skills to use ICT to transform schools.

The full written statement can be found here

Andrew Green, Chair of WHELF and Librarian of the National Library of Wales, is a member of the task and finish group.

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