Digital Wales Advisory Board Annual Report 2011

The report is the Board’s first Annual Report. It includes details of the major issues and recommendations considered by the Board during 2011.

The report fulfils the Board’s responsibility to provide advice on ways to exploit opportunities from the growth of the digital economy. The report also includes details of the major issues considered by the Board during 2011, as well as key recommendations for the Welsh Government to take forward as part of their remit in 2012. These included developing measures to:

  • promote the use of creative digital skills by Small Medium Enterprise’s (SMEs) in all industry sectors;
  • improve digital literacy at all stages of education and across the general population;
  • help stimulate demand and take-up of next generation broadband;
  • develop simple online public services such as a free school meals registration system that will help to exemplify how better and more cost effective public services can be delivered through Information and Communication Technology.

Download the report

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