The Welsh Information Literacy Project

This is a new project led by WHELF in partnership with public libraries, schools and further education. The aim is to raise the profile of information literacy in Wales and work towards a national framework. We plan to promote the understanding and development of information literacy in all education sectors, in the workplace, the home and the wider community.

The rationale for undertaking this project is to raise awareness that information literacy is a key skill in the 21st century, one which can contribute towards the vision and goals set out in One Wales: A progressive agenda for the government of Wales:

“Unlocking the potential of Wales’s people is vital to our prosperity. We will equip people with the skills they need, at all levels, to enable them to make the best possible contribution to the economy and their communities, and to fulfil their individual potential.

Our vision is of a society in which learning throughout life is the norm, where the people of Wales are actively engaged in acquiring new knowledge and skills from childhood to old age.”

This new project will aim to provide practical evidence of good practice in Wales by developing case studies, which can be used to highlight work across all sectors. It will also begin the process of mapping information literacy across the curriculum by developing a framework which can be used in conjunction with existing skills frameworks in Wales.

Information Literacy Development Officer
An Information Literacy Development Officer is being recruited to work from July 2010 to March 2011 and will be based at Cardiff University. The Project will be managed by Cathie Jackson, Senior Consultant in Information Literacy at Cardiff.

Project Steering Group
Members of the steering group: Christine Clark, Regional Development Officer, South East Wales; Karl Drinkwater, RSC Wales; Christine George, Torfaen; Alison Harding, Trinity University College; Carolyn Howe, Coleg Glan Hafren; Meinir Howells, Cwmtawe Community School; Cathie Jackson, Cardiff University; Sue Mace, WHELF; Mandy Powell, CILIP Wales; Liz Smith, Pembroke School; Lisa Thomas, Caerphilly; Alyson Tyler, CyMAL; Nicola Watkinson, Glyndŵr University. The Steering Group is chaired by Hywel James, Gwynedd (representing SCL Wales).

The project aims to deliver: 

  • An overarching statement on information literacy in Wales.
  • A report on information literacy provision in each library sector in Wales, identifying case studies of good practice and gaps requiring further enhancement.
  • A web presence for the project via
  • A draft framework for information literacy in Wales that will provide notional levels of information literacy skills and competences for all levels of learners.
  • Specific outcomes will be: 

    • Evidence of improved partnership working on information literacy.
    • Evidence of engagement with the education sector.
    • To raise the profile of the project and awareness of its progress through the web pages, articles and presentations.

    Your advice, help and support is always welcome – please contact Project Manager Cathie Jackson ( or any member of the Steering Group for more information.

    This project is part-funded by the Welsh Assembly Government through the Libraries for Life strategy of its CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries division.

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    1. Message for Alison Tyler from John Crawford,

      Dear Alison,

      Could you get in touch re progress on the Project and in particular any policy documentation you may be preparing. Bill Johnston who has recetnly retired from Strathclyde is interested in doing some similar work here. I saw an enmail from a while ago on a list but have lost it.

      Best wishes


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