The Milne Collection – An American Civil War Library

The Milne Collection is one of Swansea University Library’s foremost resources for students, staff and visiting researchers and is available on a reference basis for research and scholarship.

The collection of approximately 2,500 books was gifted in 2010 to the American Studies programme at Swansea University and continues to grow.

Among the most impressive holdings of the collection is a wide array of government documents, including the Presidential papers of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and Ulysses S. Grant, as well as those of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Other highlights include House and Executive documents dating back to 1860, army and navy records, as well as personal and diplomatic correspondences from many Union and Confederate government and military leaders.

The collection boasts hundreds of personal narratives – including many post-Civil War veterans’ writings and recollections – and is particularly strong on Civil War battles and campaigns; individual generals and other officers; fighting units and regimental histories; common soldier letters, diaries, reminiscences and autobiographies; strategy, tactics, weaponry and leadership; military manuals and organizational and support provision – especially medical and surgical services.

More broadly, the collection also includes a comprehensive array of materials relating to Civil War naval and maritime studies; many items are concerned with both the Union and Confederate home fronts and civilian life; local and state studies; the role of women and slavery during the Civil War era; newspaper and other reportage commentaries; and contains a large number of atlases and encyclopedias.

For more information on the Milne Collection, please contact Dr. Ian Glen, Arts and Humanities Librarian: E-mail:

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