The Future Shape of Higher Education in Wales

In March 2011, the Minister for Education and Skills asked the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) to provide him with advice on the structure of the higher education sector in Wales. In June, the Council submitted its report, which sets out very clear recommendations for the future of the sector.
Start of consultation: 13/07/2011
End of consultation: 05/10/2011

The need for universities with the capacity and critical mass to operate dynamically, effectively and efficiently is a long-established part of the Welsh Government’s policy for higher education.  For Our Future, our higher education strategy for Wales, identified the need for radical change in the shape, structure and provision of higher education.  

HEFCW’s sets out very clear recommendations for the reconfiguration of the higher education sector in Wales.  Representations from stakeholders and the public on these recommendations will be sought over the course of the summer. These will inform any decisions on the most appropriate structure for the sector in the future.

We would like to invite you to send us your views on HEFCW’s proposals.  In particular, we would like you to consider the following questions:

Question 1: What are your views on the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales’ (HEFCW’s) report, Future Structure of Universities in Wales?

Question 2:  Do you have any comments on the report’s proposals relating to specific higher education institutions?

Question 3: We have asked two specific questions. If you have any related issues which we have not specifically addressed, please use the space below to report these.

How to respond

Please submit your comments by 05 October 2011, in any of the following ways:



HE Policy Team
Welsh Government
Ffynon Las
Tŷ Glas Avenue
Llanishen, Cardiff
CF83 8WT

See the Welsh Government website for related documents.

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