Shared LMS – new WHELF project to be funded by JISC

WHELF has been successful in its bid to JISC for a pathfinder project to investigate a broad range of potential new models and approaches to library systems and services.

Shared LMS: Business Case Evaluation
Building on the work of the earlier ‘WHELF: Sharing a Library Management System’ feasibility report the project will explore potential benefits and pain points inherent in a move from distributed to centralised hosting and infrastructure models for a suite of library systems software, while building a possible overall business case for such a move by the HEIs within the WHELF consortium.

The project will be led by Cardiff University on behalf of WHELF.

There will be close links with the project being funded in Scotland:
The Benefits of Sharing (How would a Shared Library Management System improve services in Scotland?)
This project will contribute towards a new vision for library systems by investigating the following question: “How would a shared library management system improve services in Scotland?”

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