Research Libraries UK new Strategy document 2014-17

Research Libraries UK has launched a new strategy for 2014-17 entitled Powering Scholarship. The Strategy focuses on 5 major areas:

1. A Collective Approach: Re-shaping the modern research library
A Collective Approach: Re-shaping the modern research library collection
• Work towards a shared approach to the management of print, manuscript and
archive collections across RLUK
• Campaign for an ethical and effective market for subscribed and purchased
• Coordinate and rationalise digital collections across RLUK
2. Open Scholarship: Creating a new environment for the communication of research outputs
• Promote innovative models for open access journals, monographs and textbooks
• Explore new forms of scholarly communication
• Encourage innovation in research data management (RDM)
3. Nothing Hidden, Nothing Lost: Exposing and exploiting our collections
• Uncover hidden collections
• Develop and support services to facilitate seamless and frictionless resource
• Encourage greater engagement of RLUK libraries in the wider cultural landscape
4. Mapping a changing research landscape: the role of libraries in research and researcher training
• Map trends in research processes and researcher behaviour
• Identify key areas where libraries can add value
• Promote the role of libraries to contribute more actively to research training
5. A Creative Community: Nurturing leadership, innovation and skills throughout our libraries
• Provide thought leadership through debate and discussion, promoting ‘bestpractice’,
creative thinking and innovation in all aspects of research library activity
• Engage RLUK members in measuring and demonstrating the value of their libraries
• Nurture new skills and competences within member libraries”

The full report can be accessed from the RLUK website

The National Library of Wales and Cardiff University Information Services are both members of RLUK

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