MOOCs and other animals in Wales: what do you think?


Interested in MOOCs and other forms of online learning as they affect Wales?  If so, read on …

In February 2013, Leighton Andrews AM, the Welsh Government Minister for Education and Skills , announced the establishment of the Online Digital Learning Resources Working Group. The Working Group is chaired by the former Chair of WHELF, Andrew Green, and has been asked to advise the Minister on how Wales and Welsh institutions should take advantage of the rapid growth of large-scale online higher education courses. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are the subject of much current debate, and the Group will be considering their significance and prospects, but it will also be looking at wider aspects of learning online, including open educational resources.

Members of the Working Group would like to hear from your institution and its members on this subject, to help inform their discussions.

For more information see Andrew’s blog at:

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