JUSP welcomes WHELF members

The JUSP team are very pleased that most WHELF libraries have now joined the Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP).

Libraries spend millions of pounds on electronic journals each year, but gathering statistics about their use hasn’t always been easy. Diminishing budgets must demonstrate value for money, and reliable data is key. Comparative usage statistics help evaluate the impact of e-resources and inform future purchasing decisions. The Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) provides a “one-stop shop” for libraries to view, download and analyse their usage reports from NESLi2 publishers. It responds to current financial challenges with time and cost saving benefits.

WHELF libraries in JUSP are able to view JR1 and JR1a usage reports for the OUP deal which are gathered automatically each month via SUSHI. We also collect OUP usage data back to January 2009 so you are able to compare usage through the WHELF deal with usage through earlier deals or subscribed titles.  If you use an intermediary service (Ingentaconnect, Swetswise or EbscoEJS) we also collect their usage reports and add them to those from the publisher, to give you a complete record of use.

Once in JUSP, WHELF libraries can benefit from access also to usage reports from their NESLi2 deals. Publishers currently in JUSP are AIP, Annual Reviews, Elsevier, Nature Publishing Group, OUP, Project Muse, Royal Society of Chemistry, Sage and Springer. We aim to include all NESLi2 publishers by the end of the year, and hope to extend JUSP to cover other publishers too. We are now able to collect usage data back to January 2009 via SUSHI for almost all publishers in JUSP.  We collect usage reports for these publishers whether or not you take the NESLi2 deal.

As well as giving you the ability to view or download usage reports, JUSP offers you a number of other reports and tables to help analyse your usage. Most reports can be downloaded as CSV files. You can also use our SUSHI server to gather reports from JUSP.

The number of libraries in JUSP is growing rapidly. We now have over 70 participating libraries and another 20 in the process of joining. JUSP members can log in to their own reports using Shibboleth authentication from the website http://www.jusp.mimas.ac.uk/ .  You will find more information and updates on the website, including a new video presentation on how to use JUSP on the Support tab.

As a community resource, we always welcome your comments and ideas. We are often able to respond quickly to your suggestions and a number of reports now in JUSP have been developed as a result of user feedback. We would welcome any ideas from WHELF members on what else you would like to see in JUSP.

Angela Conyers, Evidence Base (angela.conyers@bcu.ac.uk)

Jo Lambert, Mimas (Jo.Lambert@manchester.ac.uk)

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