HEFCW announces settlement for individual HEIs

The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales has announced how £377.1 million of funding for higher education in Wales will be allocated in the academic year (AY) 2011/12.

All its funding will be committed according to priorities in For our Future, the Welsh Assembly Government’s strategy for higher education, which includes:

•Widening access to higher education

•Supporting part-time students

•Supporting a buoyant economy through innovation and engagement activities

•Strengthening research performance

•Developing Welsh medium provision in universities

•Encouraging the development of collaboration in regions in order to strengthen support for local learners and employers.

Reflecting the priorities above, HEFCW will distribute £336.7 million teaching and research funding to universities and colleges in Wales, compared to £361.3 million from the previous academic year.

Overall, there will be 4.6% cut in funding with funding for teaching falling by 8.4%. For individual HEIs, the overall impact of the funding changes ranges from a cut of 8.9% to an increase of 16.7%.

There is a good summary in the press release.

Full details of the announcement can be found here:
W11/12HE: Strategic Implementation Allocations 2011/12
This circular sets out HEFCW’s overall budget distribution for the academic year 2011/12, including individual institutional allocations for teaching and research.

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