Bursaries to improve your library skills

Thanks to Alyson Tyler for this notification.

As in previous years, CyMAL is providing a variety of grants to librarians in Wales to help improve the skills, qualifications and confidence of the library workforce in Wales.

Workforce development is an important aspect of the Libraries Inspire strategy (2012-16). Investing in the workforce will help improve the quality of services for customers.

For full details, please read the document here (scroll down for the Library Workforce Develoment Grants document). The path is CyMAL website / Grants / Innovation and Development Grants 2012-13/ Library Workforce Development Grants.

If you have any queries please contact Alyson (alyson.tyler@wales.gsi.gov.uk)  or training and development adviser Denise Lavis (denise.lavis@wales.gsi.gov.uk) or 0300 062 2111.

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