The Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum (WHELF) is a grouping of Chief Librarians and Directors of Information Services drawn from all the higher education institutions in Wales along with the National Library of Wales, Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales, Natural Resources Wales and the Open University in Wales .

WHELF had its origins in the regular but informal meetings of University of Wales Chief Librarians which were held in the 1980s, and in 1990 this was named the University of Wales Co-ordinating Committee for Libraries. In 1993 the membership of the Committee was extended to include the Chief Librarians of all Higher Education institutions in Wales. In order to reflect the changed role of the group it was reconstituted as the Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum.

WHELF’s mission: collaboration and partnership
WHELF’s mission is to promote library and information services co-operation, to encourage the exchange of ideas, to provide a forum for mutual support and to help facilitate new initiatives in library and information service provision.

WHELF actively promotes the work of higher education libraries in Wales and provides a focus for the development of new ideas and services.

For the benefit of our libraries, institutions and users we aim to:

  • Raise the profile and value of services and developments in Welsh HE library and information services in our own institutions, in Wales and beyond;
  • Influence policy makers and funders on matters of shared interest;
  • Implement collaborative services and developments for the mutual benefit of members institutions and their users;
  • Work with other organisations, sectors and domains in support of the development of a cooperative library network in Wales and the UK;
  • Provide mutual support and opportunities for the sharing of good practice through meetings, mailing lists etc;
  • Provide staff development and training opportunities for member institutions.

WHELF Chair: Emma Adamson
WHELF Vice- Chair: Steve Williams
WHELF Treasurer: Julie Hart
WHELF Development Officer: 

WHELF Representatives:

Aberystwyth University
Julie Hart, Assistant Director for Library Services

Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales
Kristine Chapman, Principal Librarian

Bangor University
Mairwen Owen, Head of Academic Services

Cardiff Metropolitan University
Mark Hughes, Head of Library Services

Cardiff University
Janet Peters, Director of Libraries and University Librarian

National Library of Wales
Pedr ap Llwyd, Director of Collections and Public Programmes

The Open University Library
Ann Davies, Associate Director (Business Performance & Management)

The Open University in Wales
Ann Davies, Associate Director (Business Performance & Management)

Natural Resources Wales
Tegid Rhys Williams, Information Services Manager

Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff
Megan Wiley, Head of Library Services

Swansea University
Steve Williams, University Librarian Head of Libraries, Archives, Culture and Arts

University of South Wales
Emma Adamson, Director of Learning Services

University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Alison Harding, Executive Head of Library & Learning Resources

Wrexham Glyndŵr University
Paul Jeorrett, University Librarian
Nicola Watkinson, Deputy University Librarian

WHELF has developed a new strategy, the purpose of which is to outline a clear vision for WHELF over the next two years. The document can be accessed here: whelf-strategy-2016-18